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paroles young m.a – so gone (freestyle)


i just want that vibe back, i wish i can bring that time back
like d-mn ‘how we can’t rewind that’
i want your mind back, body and soul where do i find that?
i know you still love me don’t hide that
let’s stop pretending
love i kinda miss that feeling
like text messages still pending and still sending
and i’m still healing, i’m still willing i will get it
before i didn’t but see listen, please listen
before i was blind, stevie vision
cause i was scared of commitment i had to keep it pimpin’
i was a jerk and i know that sh-t
but i’m just tryna make it work like i broke that sh-t
put my pride to the side, naw throw that sh-t
i swear to god i wanna cry but i’mma hold that sh-t
but not now cause i gotta be hard
but like red from friday i’mma cry in the car
f-ck a [vase] full of roses, she want weed and a jar
not that typical bad b-tch that you meet at the bar
you was trill, my heart used to beat when i had you
f-ck, now my heart is a statue
and now that you gone i’m going nuts like cashews
and i’m tryna figure out if i should cover this tattoo
it’s feeling bitter sweet it’s like i’m happy and sad too
hoping i don’t see you on your block when i p-ss through
love quotes on the ‘gram i be wanting to tag you
would you ever take me back is what i’m wanting to ask you
i miss watching power with you
i miss taking a shower with you, s-x by the hour with you
i miss taking the a-pull of the sour with you
will you let me take it down like the tower’s with you
one last time, let me eat one last time
i need it one last time
you ain’t gotta respond to me, hey cool that’s fine
they didn’t expect this ha, blew they mind
so gone, i treated you so wrong
left the henny ‘lone, now i’m sipping this [pat-ron]
[?] my feelings just is back on, clap off clap on
i miss seeing you do your head putting your tracks on
i can’t front i been getting my mack on
tryna get that head like i’m putting a cap on
i know you working and all, getting your trap on
working at these bars, stacking getting your cash long
but are you happy just let me know
is it that easy for you to let me go

# young m a

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