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paroles stro the mc – only on apps


really feel like i am a mac though
attack those actin like stro got a wack flow
my n-gg-s milk hoes and they never lactose
front, then you getting thrown out the back door
really who i be f-ck i gotta act for
they can’t stomach the real
we bringing it back though
cartography put my hood on the map though
and they be living life but only on apps though

n-gg-s gotta install to ball, d-mn
yeah they get bands til they get banned
then its back to reality
i get sh-t for free f-ck a salary
matter fact, take it back love a salary
stack or three i could live happily
but i do it for the young-ins coming after me
leave a whole lot of a and rs mad at me
cause i be coming at mumble rap constantly
ain’t hard to see that sh-t be haunting me
n-gg-s talking bout clothes redundantly
need to put a spin on it like laundry
to real to get a deal so i’m indie
harming me you won’t see harmony
honestly stro not hard to me
that’s coming from the un-cool like auntie d
but nephew you knew i was serious
before i was cussin’
now we back bussin’
planting the seeds
inside the mind of the flyest of breed’s
everything epic like i’m l.a reid
i’m not a n-gg- that shut up for cheese
i put the light on the sh-t they don’t see
don’t come around here with no epilepsy
we illuminating while you player hating
tell that girl to text us but we not dating
and that girl from texas so she ride daytons
i’m from brooklyn so i be a training
not my main but she be maintaining
and my side always sidelining
said her man got the top ramen
he a noodle she searching like google
stro that’s messed up
she already cuffed
you can do better man
but she rocking my varsity jacket
if a hoe wanna hoe let her man, letterman
f-ck with your head like evelyn
ever so effortless everywhere
my pen is stronger then ever clear
heavenly but i keep h-lla wears
i know these n-gg-s is fed
i’m instrumentally ill
r-t-rded beats play in my head
i just can’t make it stop
my lives a movie give me props
as soon as i enter the stage
play like black moon and buck shots

# stro the mc

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