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paroles “rhymemaster” charlie g – rmcg returns


i return like jedis
with red eyes and a pot smelling aroma
won’t be mumbling what i’m gonna say
f-ck a map i’m the world atlas
native american and white so i cut like as cutl-ss
smoke gr-ss eat -ss is what i chant
i rant for hip-hop just like krs-one
lil people living big
someone bring back the f-ckin wigs
drug dealers wanna be smoking cigs
f-ck crooked pigs slaughter the bacon
make your b-tch take this d-ck leaver her f-ckin shaking and scared for her life
then any mc who dare front me ima stab a three sided knife
film your wife breaking loyalty vows
and f-cking burn every school in town

charcoal gibbous is only an alias
but i guess so is fbis most wanted
my soul is haunted like sandy hook
go to sleep and have dreams of people screaming getting shot
and wet ones of f-ckin my crushes g spot
get caught fake media not telling the story
slap the glory and take the mic
this is why so many rappers exist
the twist, f-ckers already fake
with their barbie looking b-tch
and lyrical twitch, throw a fast ball pitch kershaw style
leave you broke like eminem from 8 mile
i’m slow and have the face of a r-t-rd
little did i know when i was born life was gonna be hard as h-ll
i will tell that it sucks seeing friends inside of a jail cell, got no money for bail
come out and dwell inside reality
my conscious took casualty well at the age of 12
13 smoking green 14 hanging around the wh-r- scene
at 15 you could say i was no longer listening to my thoughts
16 seeing spots on my best friend not alot of others had seen
now i’m at f-ckin 17 and everything dont matter to me
i battle my thoughts like allies and axis
track and pack my rhymes like suicidal thoughts and actions
packing up like a trip to australia
skip the last chapter
i’m after seeking the real me
do you feel me
writing and tones reveal me
conceal the telephone with the hookers on speed dial
meanwhile let me state a point
p-ss around your b-tch like shes a f-cking joint
next coin with the gang bang
take a dozen d-cks its all the same thing
came and went like a f-cking train
railed and set sailed
moving on
n-body was prepared for a comeback like this run
lebron the series is f-cking 3-1
charlie g just begun
volume one (trash)
make change and cash
i’m supreme but i don’t f-ck with no vision
stuck a trombone up my rear
perfectly good decision
young scream in “hard” “i’m hard”
b-mping so called rap music up and down the boulevard
send me a post
about how f-cking west coast you are
“gang gang” stupid motherf-ckers
tie a f-cking noose and hang ya
rmcg returns and i’ma set a fire and watch everything f-cking burn

rmcg returns

# rhymemaster charlie g

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